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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Let's recap, shall we?

so, this weekend i actually didn't do soooo bad. i mean, saturday was girls' day... and after all was said and done i had ingested gummi hearts, nerds, hershey chocolate sticks, half a rolo egg (which is HUGE), popcorn, a chicken wrap, and FRIES... fries from shoeless joe's, not the fries i bake in my oven here. i mean, i ate healthy oatmeal for breakfast, and since breakfast is the most important meal of the day - at least the most important meal was healthy! somehow i didn't manage to gain any weight from yesterday... but i'm sure it's just taking a couple of days to show up.

so, today was the day i was to start core. and guess what? I DID IT! first, i went grocery shopping and bought all core items... then i came home and made taco soup (which is a variation of chili really - alex and i both liked it and i'll post how i made it as there's different recipes out there for it). then alex and i made his mint packages for his office.... and he took part in my friends marathon (i'm on season 6 now!) before also watching in style celebrity weddings 2007 with me (what a great boyfriend!). he went home and i began phase 2 of the decorating process of my cookies (for a family gathering on the 24th) and made the fudge i'll be taking. all that's left is to finish decorating the cookies (which will be a time consuming task) and make the chocolate chip cookies. then i'll make and decorate a birthday cake for mom and michele (butter pecan with a butterscotch/vanilla filling... was going to have marshmallow fondant icing but i think i'll do buttercream icing instead now). after next weekend i won't know what to do with my time, as right now all spare time is going to baking!!

so here's what i've eaten today:

breakfast - didn't manage to eat it as i was still FULL from saturday!

lunch -
*1/4 cup brown rice (1)
5 tbsp salsa (1)
1/4 cup FF cottage cheese (1)
mixed all up and eaten in lettuce wraps (0)

snack with alex - popcorn (1)

dinner -
2 cups taco soup (4)
grapefruit (2)

- and that's all i've eaten today. i swear i wasn't starving myself on purpose, it was just a busy day!

so here's how i made the TACO SOUP

*1 can stewed tomatoes, any flavour
*1 can stewed tomatoes, mexican flavour (oops, i bought italian and used it!)
*1lb ground chicken
*1 med onion
*1 can kidney beans
*1 can pinto beans
*1 smaller size can corn
*1 pkg taco seasoning

brown the ground chicken and onion together then add all ingredients together in the pot or slow cooker and cook until done!

works out to 2 points for 1 cup of soup.

my bed is calling! goodnight!

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