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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

It's TUNA time!

So, my most recent obsession is tuna. I'm lovin' it. So, it started with my love for the cloverleaf flavoured tunas... i enjoyed the garlic and hot pepper, the tomato and onion, and the spicy thai. Well, then TARA (yes, YOU Tara!) introduced me to the ocean's spicy thai tuna - only 2 points instead of 4 for the tin. BUT then my favourite has become the garlic and hot pepper... not sure why, I just love that flavour. SOOOO then I was at Costco with my mom on my VACATION (I had to use a week and a day before the end of March or I would have lost it, so I took March break off). I decided to buy the 6 pack of Ocean's chunk tuna. It's about the same cost as buying tuna individually at Loblaws... the no name tuna. But I decided to treat myself to the expensive tuna. Let me tell you - I'm NEVER going back. Ocean's tuna is the BEST! It's so light (in colour) and yummy! Soooo... what I do is divide the container in half into 2 tupperware containers and I add some tobasco sauce, some garlic, and some tex mex. HOLY YUMMY! And it smells soooo good! I've had so many people comment at work on how good my lunch smells!

Here was my lunch yesterday:

* my tuna recipe (1 pt)

*a salad containing: lettuce, grape tomato, cucumber, a few chick peas, a few black olives, sliced egg and feta cheese. I also used the spritz salad dressing (hellman's balsamic flavour one).

*unsweetened applesauce

It was the best freaking lunch ever! That salad and the tuna on the side - so good!!!

Dinner was also yummy yesterday. I had 1 cup of WW pasta, took 1 pt worth of the canned chicken breast (blue menu kind) and grape tomatoes... i added some cottage cheese and garlic and some EVOO and cooked it a bit longer to melt the cottage cheese. It works like a creamy cheese sauce once the cottage cheese melts... it was so good!

Oh dear, it's 10pm and i'm hungry... but I'm trying the whole 'don't eat past 8pm' thing... except on Friday and Saturdays.

Working an extra shift at sickkids this weekend... yay! good for the bank account... I'm working Saturday evening which is fine. I had no plans and Alex is going to the leafs game (without me) anyway.

Almost time for the Real World:Denver!! Must scoot!!

Here's me on the weekend with my hair and make up done for going out Saturday. I just got my hair cut, but then a MAC make up artist offered to do my make up for FREE! It was awesome!

at the beginning of the night:

At the end of the night


Tara said...

You're not alone on the tuna thing! I'm addicted too...and for so few points, how can you go wrong??
Hair and makeup looks awesome by the way...and look at that pretty, skinny face!! You're lookin' hot, girl!!
When can we get together again? Let me know some weekends that are good for you and we'll make a plan!
Luv ya!

Shrinking Jen said...

Thanks Tara! I only now just figured out i can comment on my own blog too!!

We should get together and eat TUNA!! haha!!

Any weekends (besides easter) are good for me, as long as I know in advance and don't take a shift at sickkids!

Maybe I should email you in case you don't read this!

And thanks for the compliment... I don't think I've lost any weight since you last saw me... my rate has TOTALLY slowed down!!