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Sunday, April 01, 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

First, confession time. I didn't get a chance to go on the treadmill yesterday... Stacey was here until 10am or so, then I was just too tired after our long day and late night (with wine) to get on the treadmill before i jetted off to work at sickkids... and today - lazy before alex got here, and too lazy again now (he's gone home)... i don't want to be on the treadmill at 9pm. i am LAZY. I'm actually just TIRED too.

So, my new plan? treadmill monday, tues, and wed (plus i went on friday) - that will still make 4 times this week... which is better than nothing. PLUS, then I can just relax during my sunday evening. yes... i AM LAZY. I hate that!

I discovered this weekend I actually LIKE cottage cheese with peaches. I was at lifefest with Stacey this weekened and I tried a little container of the cottage cheese with peaches and i LOVED it! I didn't think I was a cottage cheese with fruit kind of girl... I had never tried it and really didnt' want to... but I'm glad I did! That was lunch today!

So now i LOVE the tuna, the cottage cheese with fruit... AND the blue menu strawberry yogurt. Also, I still love popcorn. AND i love CHOCOLATE (since I'm confessing my favourites here!).

Gotta go take BORAT back to blockbuster...

Enjoy your week everyone! Tara - I'm still going to email you!!! But any weekend is good for me as long as I know in advance so I don't book myself with SickKids for a shift!!! You pick one (just not easter)! Maybe sometime around your birthday? Sometime when you're off... maybe a Saturday? Let me know!!!

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