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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home again, home again.. jiggidy jig

Okay, first off... my camera is MIA. Actually, it's not missing. It's broken. Not broken really.. just feeling under the weather. Luckily it's under warranty and it's been sent back to Nikon to be fixed. It's just the spring that's broke where the memory card sits... no biggie, however now I am without camera for at least 6 weeks!!! At least I'll get it back in plenty of time for Christmas (and hopefully wedding #3!).

Tara... I'm not sure when you return... but WELCOME BACK!! I didn't even bother posting while you were gone because I knew I didn't have a reader (unless Alex happened to tune in).

Now my dear Mrs... I shall update you on what you've missed.

First and foremost - BATH AND BODY WORKS IS NOW OPEN AT YORKDALE! I have been... everything is the same as the US! The soaps are 3 for $12 instead of 3 for $10. Wallflowers and refills are 2 for $20. I have soooo much soap already so I just got a couple for my mom and sister (warm vanilla) AND I got kitchen lemon!! They look the exact same except for the french on the label along with the english.

Now, there are a few new food items I have found whilst you were away.

Pringles stix (pizza, honey, vanilla and wheat flavours - 2pts each and yummy!)

Second... new singles chocolate bars in the flavours of caramel aero and after eight!

And... there's 7 new smart ones dinners! Unfortunately about 6 of them are all chicken or turkey... BUT there is a tuna au gratin one that I have tried and LOVED (if you like a tuna casserole dish you may like it). BUT there's also a new smart ones dessert... the strawberry shortcake one!!

Now, after the weddings (and eating a LOT and not going to WW or near a scale for THREE WEEKS) I was up 6lbs last week... this week I was down 1lb. Now it's time to get BACK to the downwards spiral I had once before.

Today was spent running errands and cleaning and putting together a pantry. In all the bustle I actually didn't really eat.

I will go back to recording my intake here (hopefully) tomorrow... if not, then tuesday!!

Welcome back newlyweds!

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