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Monday, September 29, 2008

The good (and the bad. Why must there be bad?)

Today started out well (aside from having to go to a funeral visitation... my poor friend lost her grandmother on Friday. Breaks my heart. I remember so vividly that time of hell for my family and I just hate seeing people I care about going through it. It sucks).

I don't mean for this post to be a downer. Let's stay focused on what this blog is about... FOOD... oh rather, WEIGHT LOSS!!

I didn't get on the treadmill today. I vow, tomorrow I will. Even if it's just for a half an hour to get back into the swing... I have GOT to get under control. I need to be back in routine and STRONG because christmas will be here before we know it (see that countdown above?? Only 87 days away!).

Yesterday I tried something I found at shoppers. It's called the slimquick energy something or other and MAN it gave me energy. In fact, it gave me the jitters... but I was raring to go all day. I may try the 2nd one (they come in a package of 2) tomorrow being my first day back at the treadmill... I'll need all the boost I can get.

Today I tried the sweet and sour chicken smart ones... LOVED IT! I also learned smart ones now has a canadian website at - you can find out all of the products in canada and what's new!

Okay, so here's what i ate today (brace yourself, the end is scary).
Breakfast: egg beaters (1) with 2 egg whites (0), ff cheese slice (1), whole red grapefruit (2)
Lunch: sweet and sour chicken smart ones (4), ocean's tuna chili flavour (2), nectarine (1)
Snack offered by a coworker: small hello dolly square (maybe 4?)
Dinner: salad with 2oz chicken breast (2), 30g light old cheddar (2), 3tbsp ff italian (0), veggies and lettuce (0), apple (1)
THEN... i broke open the new chocolate bars I had stashed in my desk. BAD JEN.
HS Snack: 4 singles chocolate bars (8)
Total Points: 28
Water: 2L (going to drink 1 more before bed)

I'm off to watch Jon and Kate plus 8 and then THE HILLS... then off to bed.

Happy Monday. It's GREAT to be back to posting!!

PS - See my ticker? I have updated it to reflect my weight gain over the last little while. Quite depressing. I'm going to update it now to reflect a new goal that I will aim to achieve by Christmas!

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