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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I ♥ Cake

Breakfast today was absolutely perfect. I urge everyone to try it. I don’t know what it’s called so I’m just calling it a breakfast cake.

I took 1/2c oats (2) and 1/2c egg whites (1), stirred in 1tbsp natural PB (2) and mixed it all up then put it in the microwave for 1 1/2min (or so).  When it was done I flipped it out of the bowl and onto a plate and drizzled honey on it… only a teeny bit, (0)


DSCN6238 DSCN6239

Snack after getting to work was also awesome. Red Bull smoothie! I took some mixed frozen berries (1) and some ice (0), 1 can of sugar free red bull (0) and some stevia (0).  I also ended up having to add some water…



Lunch was a spinach salad with light cheddar (2) and some Italian dressing (0)


Followed by some brown rice (3) and some mish mash veggie hash (3)

DSCN6246 DSCN6247

Snack was an apple cinnamon protein cake (more cake?).  It was made with egg whites, 3tbsp (0), 1tbsp sugar free apple butter (0), 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (2) and cinnamon and stevia. Looks gross, tastes great. 


I ended up at work late and came home at 7pm STARVING. I made a veggie burger with a ONE bun (2), portabello burger (3), light mozzarella (2) and some hummus (1) and spinach (0)

DSCN6251 DSCN6253

It was followed by popcorn (3) and THEN followed by a tbsp of chocolate chips (2) and a tbsp of PB (2) melted together. Yep, I came home starving and I binged.  Tomorrow won’t be the same.

Did everyone enjoy Biggest Loser tonight? Why do the marathons always make me cry?  Perhaps it’s because I secretly dream of doing one one day. Ha. 

You may wonder why I talked about joining Goodlife (gym) but haven’t posted about actually going there!  You see, my employer only does the employee memberships once a month and I missed it for May… so I have to wait until June. Wait… maybe I did explain that the other day?  I forget!

Off to bed! Happy hump day to all!


Polly and her bum said...

Hi Jennifer

Just started following you blog over the last couple of days and I'm curious, do you have a blender at work? I have never heard of a red bull smoothie? Is it nice? Does it give the energy you need?

Skinny thoughts...

Shrinking Jen said...

Hi Polly! Welcome to the blog!

I don't have a blender at work. I made the smoothie at home and took it in to work in my insulated starbucks cup. I hadn't heard of a red bull smoothie either... just kind of threw the red bull in to one yesterday. It tasted pretty good. It was a little tart but I added stevia and it turned out pretty good! It definitely gave me a little kick... but I'm not a caffeine drinker as a rule so any caffeine tends to give me a kick!

Thanks for following!!

Janna said...

That breakfast cake is looking pretty tasty! I might have to try that soon!

Biggest Loser made me sad...and now I have no idea who I would choose. I like both of them! Why oh WHY couldn't have been switched?