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Monday, May 17, 2010

Am I a Vegetarian?

I had my friend staying with me last week. I thought she might be here a while, but she ended up only being with me for a couple of days!  In anticipation of her being here I had bought a bunch of vegetarian food (because she is vegetarian and I enjoy some good soy and tofu products myself).

I made a pot of slow cooker taco soup and used Yves Veggie Ground Round in place of any ground beef or chicken.  It turned out really good and I saved a bunch of points!   I had a package of the veggie ground left in my fridge yesterday so I made something I have decided to call “mish mash veggie hash”.  It was veggie ground (whole package), onion, peas, carrots and a tin of beans in tomato sauce.  Nothing crazy spicy but it struck me as comfort food and quite filling (over brown rice too).  It works out to be 3pts for 1 cup.

Today consisted of recovering from a late night last night (and an exhausting shift at job #2 working with a girl who tried to commit suicide by taking over 100 pills and chasing it down with oxyclean). I was SO tired this morning. I even slept in until 9am!

Breakfast was a bagel (2), pb (2) and honey (0)


Lunch was 1c brown rice (3) covered with 1c of my mish mash veggie hash (3)… looks pretty gross, no?


Snack at work was some mango… this is an old photo from last week though, not today (1)


Dinner was 2c veggie taco soup (4) – the picture is HORRIBLE. I took it while on the phone at work.


It was followed by some delicious mixed berries (2)… I can’t wait for berries ALL SUMMER LONG!


I also had an apple but didn’t take a picture of it (1)

When I came home I was hungry… I had a ww bagel (2) with mozzarella cheese on half (2) and a little bit of PB on the other half (1)

Glad Monday has been put to rest. I took Friday off so I only have 3 days left of work this week. Thank God!


Janna said...

That mish mash hash looks YUM to me!

Hope you have a great week!

Polly and her bum said...

MMMM... now I feel like peanut butter

She woke up FAT said...

How kind of you to think of your friends dietary needs for her visit.