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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

May 5th, 2010. Big Day.

Today started out with some couch to 5K week 4. I decided to slow the speed down a bit from their suggested speed and it was MUCH easier. I think I will keep the speed slower until my ankles/shins adjust and then increase the speed later.

The day is a blur now because I found out one of my oldest friends and BFF had her baby GIRL!  She was born a wee bit early (27 weeks I believe) and is only 2lbs 1oz. She is doing well (they both are) but I’m only going by a message from my friend’s sister at this point. I can’t wait to talk to my friend. I just hope she is doing okay (emotionally)… but I know the baby will be great. I can’t wait to meet her.

I couldn’t even tell you the rest of my day.

I forgot to take food pictures.  There was another smoothie that looked like this:


There was a salad with shrimp that looked like this:


Some vanilla greek yogurt was in there… and carrots too.

Dinner was this:

DSCN6200 DSCN6201 DSCN6202

There was also some chocolate chips/PB mixture for dessert… and then 1/2c chapman’s rocky road fro yo.

Sorry I haven’t posted points. I will go back to doing that on Friday (or the weekend if I don’t post Friday)!!

I have a favour to ask. My friend who just had her baby reads my blog. If you’re able to… I would LOVE if you could post a comment with your well wishes, thoughts, prayers, happy thoughts, etc for her and her baby girl.  Thanks so much (in advance)… you are all awesome!!! My friend is a wonderful person who deserves all the best and I know any positive vibes will help her (and I will be sure to have her read this post once she has a moment one day!).


misssarahlou said...

Congratulations to the babys mom! I hope baby grows quickly and can get out of the hospital happy and healthy - (((((lots of positive vibes)))))

c25k - I had to slow it down too, I was more worried about doing the time than the distance, I figured that if I could jog for all the time that it suggests then I could gradually increase the speed - good luck with it.

MirandaJayne said...

Congratualtions Mommy! Sending you warm wishes from my family to yours! Can't wait for Jen to meet your bundle of joy so that she can post a picture and name on her blog and the world can meet her.

Congrats again :-D