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Monday, May 03, 2010

May Day 2

Happy May 2nd!

Sunday involved visiting with my dear friend in the hospital.  Do you have a friend who you wish you could just make everything better for them?  I do. She doesn’t deserve the struggles she is having. At least she isn’t far and I can visit.

I spent the morning visiting and despite not having eaten, still didn’t feel hungry come 2pm when I got home.  Although, my stop at the grocery store may have me think otherwise… all of the food looked good, but I didn’t want to eat any of it (just buy it to make it later).

When I got home I had a PC thins (3) with some spinach cream cheese (1)DSCN6175

Followed by some popcorn… with becel spray (3)DSCN5909

Not pictured… a Larabar and strawberries (5)

Dinner… it was a frozen dinner.  Have you seen these?


I know frozen dinners break the cardinal rules of healthy eating… but this one doesn’t seem to have quite as many terrible ingredients.  It was (5) points and this is what it looked like cooked:

DSCN6178 DSCN6179

I also had a spoonful of coconut liberte (1), snacked on some mary’s crackers (2) and cream cheese (2)… and then had a spoonful of pb (2) with some chocolate chipits (2)

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