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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Change can be good

I woke up today and out of the blue made a big decision. I realized I did not WANT to go to Weight Watchers. I realized I haven’t wanted to go for a while. While I really believe in their program and have done well on it… let’s be honest. I’ve been going for almost FOUR years and have not reached goal weight. I have spent a lot of money going there.

I was going to do a post today asking for your opinions, but realized I had already made my decision.

Here’s the new plan…

Stop paying to go to weight watchers, BUT continue doing it at home. I will weigh in every Thursday morning and change my ticker (on my blog… you can’t see it in google reader) to reflect that weight.

I have decided the area I am struggling with the most is exercise. I am going to take the money I will now NOT be paying weight watchers and use that money for a gym membership. (Now let the gym research begin. Fun!).

I *MAY* go back to WW as I get closer to goal weight because I really would love to be a lifetime member with them as motivation to KEEP the weight off.

So there you have it. These are the changes I am facing.

Can anyone in the GTA (or Ontario) tell me which gym is their favourite and how much it costs (roughly)?

In honour of NOT having to worry about going to weigh in after work, I joined my colleagues in a pizza lunch in honour of children’s mental health week!

photo (1)

Dinner was still my favourite Thursday dinner…


Annnnnd… I have had a chocolate bar.

So… on to prove to myself (and all of you) that I CAN lose weight at home. Once I’m increasing my exercise I think it will be much better!

Please… give me your feedback! I’m leaning towards Goodlife right now, but that can change!


Janna said...

Good Luck Jennifer! I have a feeling you will be just fine...can't wait to hear about your new gym!

Jenny said...

Hi Jen, I agree... it sounds like you have put a lot of thought into your decision, so I think it's the right one!

If you do find yourself slipping, I would suggest going back. But, I really don't think that will be an issue:-).

Can't wait to read about your experience with the new changes!!

Take care,

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenny
I just stumbled onto your blog this evening. I really have to say...going to the gym is an awesome addition to any weight loss program...but as a marathon runner and total exercise freak, diet is 80% of the work. Turns out working out can be fun so it gets shafted with 20% of the results. Keep on with WW. Using both together will work wonders! Have faith!