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Monday, May 17, 2010

I am alive!

I am still alive! Things have just been really busy. All is back to normal now though. I am still tracking and weighing in on my own at home. I was up just over 2lbs this week! Eek!

I am in love with my iPhone and use it all the time. I am also posting from it now! I doubt I will do it again though as the free version won't allow me to upload pictures.

I have decided to join goodlife gym. Thanks to job #2 I get a pretty sweet discount. $30 a month for an all access membership! I can't join until June because my work only does memberships once a month. So, now I must get my butt in gear and exercise at home until then. Perhaps get at couch to 5k week 5! I couldn't treadmill it last week for various reasons an my own laziness.

This post is boring thanks to no pictures. I am back to taking pictures and will try to post tonight!!

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