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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nobody said this would be easy

I have been on vacation for 4 days now. I have realized this is going to be a difficult and LONG vacation for my diet.

Note to self: REVIEW THIS POST... PLEASE!!

In an effort to keep good on my plan promise to myself… I am blogging.

Confessions of the day

  1. I haven’t tracked what I’ve been eating since yesterday. I didn’t go to Weight Watchers and I don’t have trackers. Solution? Find something else to write in!
  2. I ate too many baked goods today. Self, please refer to the plan of attack post from December 1st. Stick with it. I know whereof I speak.
  3. I barely drank water today. Tomorrow I will drink at least 3L
  4. I had no activity the past 2 days. I will TRY tomorrow morning to do the Biggest Loser Cardio Max… it’s going to be difficult though because my mom needs me to help get ready for the big family gathering. I can surely take 30min to myself first thing in the morning
  5. I ate Chinese food for dinner (dad treated, felt like I couldn’t refuse – we were eating together, at the table, as a family). My mom did make her own rice/veggie medley and Blue Menu spring rolls – I tried to eat those. I only ate 1 chicken ball, 1 battered shrimp and 1 piece of lemon chicken. I also ate chicken chow mein… and then my mom’s rice (which WAS white)
  6. I have the sweetest nephew ever

So… I know what I did wrong and I will rectify it.

It was so great to have my sister, BIL and nephew here this afternoon (they are sleeping over for my dad’s family’s Christmas gathering here tomorrow).  He says to me “Aunt Jen… it’s CHRISTMAS TIME! YAAAAAYYYY” and yells and does a little jig. I want him to love Christmas like I do. I want him to get excited by it… so, I encouraged the yelling. I didn’t care if we interrupted others’ conversations… we yelled about Christmas time and screamed at the top of our lungs for a few minutes. I want him to have fun with me… despite the fact that I am an adult!

So, perhaps tomorrow I will try and take FOOD PHOTOS. Today I didn’t.  I did take other photos though…


Christmas time!


Simon checking out the tree


My middle sister… aka “Simon’s mommy” at the tree


Simon’s mommy reads him a story (he eats a cookie)


Grandpa and Simon listen to the animated Santa who tells a story

Happy last weekend before Christmas! I can’t believe it’s almost here… It’s going to fly by too quickly now. Enjoy your Sunday. End the day without any regrets. That is my plan!

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