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Friday, December 11, 2009

My love of Larabars

It started almost a year ago. I decided counting Points wasn’t enough. I was facing a really challenging time and took a vow to only eat healthy. I knew with all of the stress going on I could very easily eat crap and ignore the points attached.  I figured if I made a rule that I could only eat natural foods that weren’t processed or full of preservatives, it would only help me fuel my body properly.  I believe that’s what helped kick start my weight loss again all spring.

My mom and I were shopping at Costco one day and I came across a case of Larabars.  I looked at the ingredients of the 3 flavours in the box (cashew cookie, key lime and cocoa coconut). I couldn’t believe the ingredients… basically fruit, nuts and dates. I was sold! I introduced a few other people to them as well and everyone fell in love. Eventually I started finding all of the other flavours in grocery stores.

Fast forward to the summer when the new flavours came out. I was desperate to try them. I searched for them everywhere (within a reasonable driving distance).

Low and behold, Jess (who represents Larabar Canada) came across my blog and the rest is history.

Yesterday I arrived home to find a bag on my doorknob. My first thought was that someone had sent a really elaborate Christmas Card. I was wrong! It was a package from Jess with samples of the new flavours!! I was soooo happy!!!!!

I immediately grabbed the Peanut Butter and Jelly to eat as my snack after Weigh In.  I LOVED IT! The reviews I’ve read are true. It tastes like a cross between cherry pie and peanut butter.  The thing is, it’s the perfect amount of sweetness and tartness. Now, this one is 5pts (as opposed to most other flavours which are only 4pts), but well worth it. I think it’s the perfect amount of points for an afternoon snack to hold me over until I eat a lighter dinner!

Here’s the bag that was waiting for me at my door:


Inside there were 4 PB&J bars and 2 Tropical Fruit Tart bars (How generous of Jess to send me that many!!)



[please grant me a sentimental moment.. don’t read on if you don’t care to be exposed to my rambling!]

I know it sounds like a commercial for Larabar… but it’s not. I mean, only a very few amount of people actually read my blog.  I am being totally serious when I declare my love for the bars. Maybe I just have such a fond memory of them because they were a treat I was able to eat during the stressful times last winter. They made me happy during all of the stress of my Poppa Jim being in the hospital, having numerous brain surgeries for the bleeding on his brain, air lifted between 3 different hospitals (between 2 countries), then spending the spring in rehab… and finally going home and proving everyone wrong… that an 80yr old can undergo such trauma to his brain and still live independently (yep, my Poppa Jim is back to living on his farm and surviving on his own… with some help from family of course).  I even got my grandma to try one at one point… I’m glad she got to give them a try before she passed away in June. I remember I took her a sub and a Larabar… she loved them.

So… In summary… Larabars got me through a difficult time. I am glad to have found them!! Treats are a necessarily “evil” for me… It’s good to have one that isn’t evil!

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