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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I love it

Oh man… tonight is the marathon episode on The Biggest Loser and I LOVE IT!  How inspiring are these people??  I could cry!  Actually, I am teary-eyed. I am so happy for these people!! 

Do you like my plan for the holidays? I actually worked on that post a week or two ago… but thanks to Windows Live Writer I could write it and save it for today.  I will stick to this plan… just watch and see!

Now, today has not gone as planned. I am still suffering from gastro issues. I attempted a jog this morning, but 20min into it I couldn’t continue.  I still ate my oatmeal for breakfast (oats, banana, chocolate almond butter and some stevia & cinnamon)

DSCN3843 … but I did regret this breakfast later on in the day.  In fact, I would come to regret everything I ate today.

I, of course, still made sure to enjoy some Starbucks in support of their World Aids Day campaign… I had a grande Americano with a sugar free shot of hazelnut syrup… then I added a splash of fat free milk and some splenda. ZERO points folks!

So, by dinner I realized I had to stick to dry toast. Mmmm… dry toast. 

DSCN3848 DSCN3849

I’m so hungry! I’m STARVING… but my stomach just can’t handle food.

At least I can enjoy my evening looking at my pretty Christmas tree…


So, here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: oatmeal (2), banana (2), cocoa almond butter (2)

Snack: blackberries & raspberries (1)

Lunch: 1c ww pasta (3), steamed chicken breast (3), 30g old cheddar (2)

Snack: coffee (0)

Dinner: 2pc dry WW toast (1)

Total: 16 (hey, could be worse for a day I really couldn’t eat! At least I tried).

Water: 2L – yeah, not enough really!

Off to bed. I am up far too late!!  Happy December and happy hump day tomorrow!

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