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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Tour de Tree

Because I’m home sick today I have decided to give you a tour of my tree.  You have already seen what the product looks like…


But, I thought I would show you some of my favourite ornaments.

First, we have a couple of ornaments from Vegas. Our wonderful trip together this year. Our first vacation together. My first vacation since 1997. My first vacation without my family. Ah, it was a great vacation! I loved it and am so glad I grabbed some Christmas ornaments!DSCN3862 I hung this oneDSCN3863 Alex hung this one

Next we have a couple of ornaments my Aunt Bonnie gave me last year. She really appreciates how much I love my nephew and put his photos in a couple of pretty tree decorations.DSCN3864                                I only took a picture of one of the Simon ornaments.  Aunt Bonnie also put a picture of my family in a decoration. It’s me (back left), my sisters and my parents last fall before a wedding. Did you know I don’t have any brothers? I am the oldest of 3 girls. I’m lucky to have the sisters I have too!DSCN3866

Next… another decoration from Aunt Bonnie! She is so thoughtful with her gifts. This is a Chihuahua all dressed up for Christmas. You see, before my nephew came along I used to send ‘Christmas countdown’ emails out to my friends/family with a picture featuring Chicklet… my very own chihuahua (now those email tend to feature my nephew instead)DSCN3865

Here we have a couple of glass angels. You see, my Christmas tree is a hand-me-down from my paternal grandparents. They gave it to me many years ago when they decided just to get a little tabletop tree. I think maybe it was 2003 they gave it to me?  Another thing you might not know… my grandparents passed away 6 weeks to the day apart in the spring of 2005. The first Christmas without them I decided I wanted to honour them on my tree and bought these ornaments. I really need to get an ornament that honours Grandma Pearl nowDSCN3867

And here we have a couple of little snow people bells. A man I worked with a few years ago gave me a bell at Christmas (it says Jennifer on it) and I wore it every day at work during the season… but my name started to wear off. I saw the bells at another store a couple of years later and decided to get Alex one to match. So… there we are! A couple of ding dongs!DSCN3868

There you go… a few of my faves.  Do you have favourite tree ornaments that are sentimental to you?

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Amy said...

Love your decorations! :)