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Thursday, December 03, 2009


First and foremost… since it’s Thursday and all. I was down 1.6lbs at Weight Watchers tonight. Not as much as I would always like… but it’s a loss!

What’s my revelation you ask? I was thinking about The Biggest Loser, specifically the ‘Where are they Now?’ special. There are contestants who end up putting on a bit of weight (or a lot) after the show. One former contestant (Julie) said she was told they would have to exercise for ‘x’ amount of hours, ‘x’ amount of days of the week in order to maintain their weight loss (I forget the exact amounts she mentioned – but it was insanely high). So, today when I was feeling discouraged about my slow weight loss (70lbs has taken me over 3 years!), I got to thinking that perhaps the slowness of my weight loss will result in less struggles keeping it off. Time will tell!

Tonight was a turkey sub, some sea salt and malt vinegar kettle bake chips… and some candy. So far, so good with my stomach… I’ll know for sure by the morning if I can eat again!!

No food photos… but posts are boring without any pics at all. So, I leave you with a photo of my adorable nephew on Santa’s lap last night following his first ever Christmas concert (where he sang and danced in front of probably 100 people… the kid is a ham and so cute!).


Happy Friday! I am happy to report I have the day off work tomorrow… and every Friday until the new year!

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Angie All The Way said...

I thought the EXACT same thing when she said that about the amount of exercise required to maintain her weight! I think you have exactly the right idea! Choosing a goal weight has to factor in how sustainable it will be keeping a healthy balance between the "work" and living an enjoyable life, right? If you are a person who needs to workout as much as she does to maintain that weight and enjoys doing it, then great! But if not, then it's not worth it if you're not happy still, right? I think there are major metabolic advantages to easing into the weightloss over time than overnight! No to mention, your skin has a better chance at catching up with the new body too.

Congrats on your loss!! 1.6 is a homerun in my books! You are a HUGE success! 70lbs is amazing!!

(thanks for following along with me ;-) )