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Monday, September 06, 2010

Happy Labour Day

Well, well… welcome fall!

First things first. I was UP 0.9lbs this week.  Oops.  Appetite is back!  At least it wasn’t even a full pound I was up.

Life has been somewhat busy lately.  Since buying a house (and passing the home inspection with flying colours, by the way!)… we have begun the task of getting life organized for the big “merge” (as I like to call it).  From the home inspection, to figuring out if/what movers to use, to buying all new furniture ($$!!) to giving notice at my building (and finding out they will be showing my place at any given time for the next 2 months), to PACKING.  It’s busy.


I don’t like living in chaos… but I feel better about the big move (on October 28, 29 or 30th – undecided) knowing I’m doing a little bit at a time.   I have so much alcohol that I’m throwing out… it’s really old and gross.


I managed to remember to take photos of my dinner!  I’m trying to eat things up in the kitchen now… because it will take a while.  Once I accomplish the goal, I will just buy enough food (frozen dinners?) to get by.

Breakfast was toast with macadamia nut butter.  Lunch was popcorn (while watching a marathon of “For Rent” on TV), dinner was some Annie’s with some tuna, edamame and cottage cheese (if you haven’t tried adding cottage cheese to Annie’s – you really should!), then added some shredded light cheddar on top




It feels like a fall night when I can once again burn candles (without dying of added heat in the room).  I’m also burning up any/all candles around this place… less things to move, right?  Then I can head to Bath & Body Works to buy new stock for the house!


This week is shaping up to be a little less busy and more evenings at home while I make calls to organize phone/satellite/internet/movers… and pack a bit more (and throw CRAP out!).

Happy fall to everyone… and happy back to school/work for those of you who had the summer off!

(Have I mentioned I have already started my meal planning for when I have to start regularly cooking for 2 instead of 1?  I like to feel prepared and organized…)

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Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

You must be getting so excited for the big move! :)