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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

PB & Furniture

I don’t know where yesterday went. I was exhausted and went to bed by 9pm!

Today I slept in and packed a crap lunch.  The only picture I have is my toasted pita and PB that I ate for breakfast at work…



Lunch was a flatout wrap with 2 slices of tomato, old cheddar and lettuce. It was really good! I also ate a half a Larabar and some almonds.  Dinner was cheese. Yes… cheese. It’s literally all I wanted.  Bizarre.  I have channa made up for tomorrow and my plan tonight is to cook up some brown rice to keep on hand for the next few days.  I’m still managing to eat up stuff without grocery shopping!

Tonight was spent doing more furniture shopping.  I thought to take a picture of our bedroom set!  We ended up going back to the same place to get our dining room table… so, here’s some photos of our bedroom set and our dining room table (although the chairs we ordered are not the same)

DSCN7450 DSCN7453 DSCN7452

That is our exact bed set… king size and same mattress and all!  I fell in love with the mattress when I laid on it in the store. I can’t wait to have awesome nights of sleep in it!

And the dining room… (this is the table without the leaf… the leaf is hidden under the table until we want to use it).


That’s all for today.  We have all of our furniture purchased!  Next is to figure out our duvet cover. I can’t find anything I love!

Tomorrow is my weigh in. I don’t have high hopes. The gym has been non-existent right now (but that will change next week).  I have had a crazy appetite this week with sweet and greasy cravings. I’m not giving in to them… but I feel like I have eaten more overall.  We’ll see what tomorrow holds!!

Happy Thursday!!


hrclark said...

Where did you buy your furniture from?

Shrinking Jen said...

We got it from a furniture store in Pickering (Ont). They sell primarily Krohler furniture. They gave us a pretty good deal (I think!)

Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Ohhhh I love all of your new furniture!! You have great taste! :)

We're in desperate need of a new mattress, think that might end up being our xmas present to each other.