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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Light Bulb

I had a couple of epiphanies today.

1. Your hips/stomach/thighs are not immune to calories consumed while driving in the car. No matter how fast your car goes… you can’t out run those calories in the dust. Points count at all times. Including while driving.

2. Eating less means saving more money! I realized I have eaten less this week and have more groceries in my fridge still. Lose weight and save money. Works for me!

Today’s plan was Shred or Yoga in the AM since I wasn’t working until noon. My knee (rather, behind my knee) has been killing lately. It hurts when it’s bent, hurts when it’s stretched out, wakes me up in the night & is just all around a pain in the knee. I think it’s spasming or something. I keep having moments where I can feel a muscle throbbing and I get pain shooting down my leg. I think I need a massage. I concluded today should be a yoga day. But alas… no yoga. A fire alarm evacuated me from my building for a while instead. When I could come back in… I had to hurry and get ready for work.

Here’s what I ate today…

Breakfast: WW tortilla (1), banana (2), PB (2), teeny sprinkle of coconut (0)



Breakfast was actually preceded by a POM/wheatgrass shot (0) & warm lemon water (0)… lemon water looks like dirty dish water!


Lunch was 2 flatout wraps (2), some tuna (1) – with mustard & relish, cheese (2), baby spinach & tomato… all cooked on the Foreman.



The afternoon/evening at work included popcorn (3) & water… so I could save points for a turkey sub for a late dinner (12).

I must remember to drink lemon water each day. It’s doing a great job “cleansing” me!!

Happy Friday!


Lynn @ The Next Chapter said...

Torilla, PB & Banana is one of my fav combos ever! Mmm.

Hehe, so true about lemon water but it's really refreshing!

Jen said...

Interesting about the lemon water, I'll have to try it :)