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Monday, June 07, 2010

The right foot

I am happy to report this day is starting off on the right foot!


(those are my ugly feet… I decided to go outside the box and paint my toenails 2 different colour last week. Today the turquoise has been switched out for pink).

I forgot to mention I’ve gone back to having wheatgrass shots first thing in the morning. I had stopped for a while due to the fact that wheatgrass makes me want to vomit. I buy the powder form and when I mix it in water it’s disgusting.  A while ago I read on Caitlin's blog about mixing wheatgrass with POM juice. Why didn’t I think of that? Why did I think I had to mix it with water? I grabbed a big 1L bottle of POM wonderful and that is now what I use to mix it. The POM juice is tart enough to take most of the wheatgrass flavour away. I keep forgetting to take pictures though.  I still get a powder residue in my mouth, but I chase it really quickly with another little shot of just POM juice.

After the wheatgrass shot I had some breakfast…

A weight watcher thin (1) and 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1) along with a bowl of watermelon, strawberries and blueberries (2)



I bought American strawberries yesterday… but I also bought some Ontario strawberries! They are what I had today. They are so sweet! I wish they stayed in season longer.


I have also already drank 1L of water today and I’m STUFFED!  Next is to wash the coconut oil out of my hair, pack dinner for work today and make some lunch to eat before heading to work.

Yes, I said coconut oil in my hair. I have very thick, course, wavy hair which tends to be dry. Especially once summer hits.  I have some coconut oil that I use just for my hair and put it on as an overnight mask every few months… I’m going to do it more often (weekly?) for the summer this year.

I forgot to show you what I came across in the store yesterday


See the upper right corner?


I found Larabars (peanut butter no less – my fave) in a ‘granola bar’ style box… with this ad on the corner.  My first instinct was to be disappointed that Larabar has sold out to Biggest Loser… but then I decided I didn’t mind the ad.  Larabar is (in my opinion) an excellent product, so why not advertise where they can and hopefully gain some sales.  It’s no skin off my back.  I’ll buy them because I like them… and if the product placement bothered me on the show, I simply wouldn’t buy it.

I weighed myself today and the scale has me up a little from yesterday.  I’m not worried. I weigh myself every day but only count my weight once a week. I’m the kind of person who needs to weigh herself every day. If I avoid the scale that somehow seems to give me a free pass for the day.  Do you weigh yourself every day?

Happy Monday!


Jaime said...

Wheat grass in POM! Good idea!!

River said...

I have nothing to do with wheat grass but I weigh myself everyday and lately that's not such a good thing since I've been taking my time getting back on track! Oh well... :D