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Sunday, June 27, 2010


The word of the day is… BERRIES!  AAHHHHH!!


I allowed myself to sleep in until 9am today!  I thought I would go to Body Flow at the gym, but it turns out the 9:30 class is Sunday, not Saturday.

I woke up and had a HUGE bowl of some of the berries I bought yesterday (BERRIES!  AAAH!!!).  I was so happy to eat so much freaking fruit. I am in love with fruit right now. I think I need more veggies in my day actually.  Bowl of whole strawberries (1), and a mixture of some blue,black and raspberries (1).  Along with some WW thins (1) and cream cheese (1) and Crofter’s North America – my fave (1)




After breakfast I had some errands to run in the city, but I was feeling lazy. I bought one of the supersize bags of Popchips at Costco yesterday so I decided to be proactive and portion them out into bags to prevent me from opening the big bag and eating half of it in one sitting!  I ate 1.5 of these servings while packing them (3)

DSCN6803 DSCN6799

They’re BBQ.  Mmmmm BBQ.

On the way OUT of the city (after running errands) I finally decided to eat some lunch at 3pm. I grabbed a chicken pita to eat once I arrived at my parents house. I also forgot to take pictures from here on out today… so here’s my points breakdown

Lunch: chicken pita (7)

Dinner: chicken breast (3), baked potato with sour cream (4) salad with veggies (0) and light dressing (2).  Dessert was a little TCBY! (3).

That’s all.  Yep… that’s ALL!  If you’ve followed by blog for a while you might know that coming to my parents’ house is a HUGE challenge for me. My mom keeps so much yummy BAD food in and I can never help it but to dig in and enjoy all the snacks she keeps out and around.  Not today! This may be my smallest Saturday points value in a LONG time!

I enjoyed a great visit with a friend and her husband and family tonight (Hi Tara!!).  It’s always great to come home and visit with friends I’ve had since I was about 7 years old. 

I must get some rest.  I will take pictures of my food tomorrow. I PROMISE!!

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Janna said...

YUM Berries! I hope you survived the visit to the rents...have a great week!