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Sunday, June 06, 2010


This weekend (June 5th) marked the 1 year anniversary of my grandma's passing.  I handled the day much better than I thought. Only a few tears.  I was extremely close to my grandma Pearl. I used to live with her during summers… we would stay up late and watch Love Connection and Arsenio Hall while eating chips and drinking pop.  We would go shopping together and BAKE together.  I remember listening to Liberace with her (in her powder blue Buick) once during a drive in to town… a song came on where he actually said some words. Something about “cement mixer… putty, putty”.  We found it so funny we laughed so hard we both cried.

These are the memories I have of my grandma.  I’m sure there are other people who can relate… I think.  It has been 1 year since grandma passed and LITERALLY not a day (or even half a day) has gone by where I don’t think about her.  The difference now is those thoughts don’t involve tears… and in fact, sometimes involve a smile.  One day I will smile even more when I miss her.

Here’s grandma with Simon, her great grandson (and 6th great grandchild… her 7th arrived this past January).



These pictures (above) were from the spring of 2008.  Below is the last picture I have of my grandma. It was taken Easter 2009. It also happened to be the last time I saw her.  You know how we said goodbye?  I gave her a hug and a kiss and she told me how beautiful she thought I was and said “oh those blue eyes…”.   She always made a big deal about my blue eyes.


That’s my grandma.  I love her and I miss her… literally every day.

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