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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am I a Girl?

First things first…

DOWN 0.5lbs today

Next… I got myself to the gym tonight!  I decided against step for now.  I was afraid (knowing me) I would find it too difficult and never go back.  I’m going to stick to the recommended “newbie” classes for at least a couple of weeks.  Instead, I ended up doing 60min of cardio (on the elliptical) and 20min of the circuit that Goodlife has set up.

I left the gym feeling great… except for the fact that I was sweating like a PIG! I remember a lady at my old job saying to me once “girls don’t sweat, they glisten”.  Heck. I am definitely no girl then!

Some of today’s food looked like this…

Breakfast was a WW sandwich thin (1), 1/2tbsp PB (1), jam (1)


Snack was blueberries (1)


Lunch was a salad with 1/4c chick peas (1), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1), 3tbsp light Italian dressing (0)… and a few black beans, corn, capers, red onions, cucumbers and grape tomatoes


It was followed by my fibre 1 cookies n’ cream yogurt concoction (same as yesterday), total was (3pts) today




Does it look yummy?  Believe me… it tastes good and is filling!


There MAY have also been some snacks from a ‘congratulations’ party at work today… I had a couple of squares and a couple of mini chocolate chip cookies (the 1 bite kind, literally) – estimate (6pts MAX)

Dinner was my favourite Thursday treat (12)…


And… a chocolate bar that I ate during today’s Days of Our Lives and didn’t take a picture of (6)

Happy Friday to all! I took tomorrow afternoon off… the plan is to hit the gym and then come home and quite possibly make some homemade pizza which I am calling “poultry lovers pizza”… stay tuned for photos (unless we change our minds and grab subway or something for dinner!)


Jenny said...

What an awesome workout you had! Way to go, girl!! I had a similar one, accept it was about half the time yours was...

That cookies and cream yogurt you have created sure does sound good!!

Have a super weekend and way to go on the loss!!

MizFit said...

lordy I am not a girl :)
I sweat like the proverbial pig as well...but youll have that.


I hope to follow suit here...soon.

Like now.