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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

June… none too soon

Happy JUNE!

Bring on summer!

Bring on slower days at work.  Days of leisure and moments of boredom. Our office slows down greatly during school holidays (summer, March break and Christmas).  We’ve been extra crazy busy this winter so I am READY to feel like my head is above water again!  Mental illness in children is definitely a growing concern…

BUT wait. What am I talking about? This is not a blog to raise awareness about children’s mental health (although, that would be a good idea). Let’s talk FOOD!  Mmmm… food.  I love food.

So, here’s some quick photos of my food on Monday:

Breakfast was a protein oatmeal n’ blueberry cake. I took 1/3c oatmeal (2), 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder (1), 1/4c egg whites (0) and a bit of water. Mixed it up and threw it in the microwave for a minute or so. When it came out I put 1tbsp of Crofter’s North America on it (1) and some blue berries (0).  I drizzled a tiny bit of honey on it afterwards. It was HEAVEN.




Lunch was some brown rice (2) and some quickie homemade “chana” (2)



Followed by watermelon (1)


Snack was more watermelon, some blueberries and blackberries (2)


Dinner was a spinach salad with veggies (0), 30g light old cheddar (2) and shrimp (1)… with Renee’s Wellness Tuscan dressing




It was followed by some Chobani (3) and almonds (2)




Didn’t my food look delicious?  I loved Monday (for a Monday of course).

So… How did I ring in June?  With FOOD… great OP food!

Breakfast was a WW thin (1), PB (2) and crofter’s (1)


Snack was watermelon (1) and blueberries (1)


Lunch was a flatout (1) with hummus (1), cheese (2) and spinach (0)


Followed by almonds (2)


Afternoon snack was Chobani strawberry (3) and Kashi berry crisp (2) – YUM


After work I was off to see Sex and the City 2 with my friend.  We grabbed a quick dinner at Subway so we could get to the 5pm show to avoid crowds (and so she could get back home to her 3 month old who was home alone with daddy).  I didn’t take a picture but I ended up with a 6” veggie sub on whole wheat (5).  I avoided any treats or popcorn at the movie (I am cheap) but did have a handful of almonds when I got home (3).

Happy June!!

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