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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It’s a Good Life

Look what arrived today!


That’s right!  I’m starting at the gym!  I managed to get an orientation session tomorrow even!  The gym I plan on going to the most isn’t able to offer me one until next week (after I missed it the other day) but I didn’t want to wait that long. I contemplated not having an orientation session at all, but decided I want to start off on the right foot and want to know my way around… so, I called around to different locations and low and behold – tomorrow night is orientation!  have I mentioned I’m nervous? My last gym experience (about 7 years ago) was NOT positive.

Today started out with a ‘naner wrap (well, AFTER a wheatgrass in POM shot of course). Flatout wrap (1), 1tbsp natural PB (2), 1 mashed banana (2)… and about 1tbsp of fibre 1 for crunch. Instead of leaving the banana whole, I mashed it up today. LOVED IT! It made such a difference. I loved it gooey!


I knew I had to go to an afternoon luncheon/meeting and I didn’t want to over indulge on food, so I had a snack before I left for the luncheon. I had 3/4c ff vanilla yogurt (2), 1/2tbsp oreo crumbs (1) and a little bit of fibre 1 to make it more filling (0)


Once we got to the venue for the luncheon there were fruit cocktail/punch drinks being served – I passed on them! I stuck to water!  There were also appetizers consisting of fried samosas, deep fried shrimp and different meats in phyllo pastry. I managed to AVOID all of them… despite how yummy they looked.  I even had to finally step away from everyone so I could avoid temptation… I went and sat at our table with my water.

Lunch was chicken (3), wild rice (3) and veggies (0)… also a salad with a drizzle of some dressing (2) and some goat cheese – YUM (3).

Dessert came and it was CHEESECAKE.  Did you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cheesecake?  I ate about 2/3 of it and decided I should NOT eat any more (it was a small square… maybe 4 square inches).  In order to prevent myself from polishing it off, you know what I did? 


Later I came home and decided I better have a low point dinner.  Salad with 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1) and an egg white (0)… among other veggies.  Holy hannah was this a rocking salad!

DSCN6702 DSCN6703  DSCN6706

And, I leave you with a couple of pictures of my hair… not very good pictures, but you get the idea anyway!  It held up okay in the rain today. 


And a picture from the front… but you really can’t tell from the front how long it is…

DSCN6698Wish me luck tomorrow at my first day at the gym!  Oh… and wish me luck for weigh in tomorrow!!  Thank you!


Janna said...

Good Luck, Good Luck, Good Luck!

I do the salt thing ALL the time! People always think I am nuts...I usually have to explain myself!

Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

Though your picture on your blog is black and white, I totally pictured you more as a brunette. I was quite surprised. But I like the strawberry blond. And your pink sweater ;-)