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Sunday, June 27, 2010

I did it!

I made it through a weekend at my parents’ house without over indulging, without neglecting to track my points and without feeling guilt!

It feels great.

I started the day with a ww bagel (2), egg white (0) and light swiss cheese (1)



Lunch was some sunflower bread (2) and 1/2c fat free cottage cheese (1)



I may have also snuck a spoonful of Nutella – but didn’t grab a photo of it (2).  There were also about 5 Hershey kisses throughout the course of the day (2).  Other snacks included pringles stix (2) and a light babybel (1)


Dinner was a WW pita (1), some chicken breast (1), light swiss (1), lettuce, tomato, pickle (0), pasta (3) with feta (1) and some FF italian (0), followed by 1/4c frozen yogurt (3).




I got back to my place and had a bowl with some Fibre 1 and PB/chocolate puff cereal (3) and unsweetened vanilla almond breeze (0)


Gotta get to bed! I’m hoping to get up early enough to hit the Newbody class at the gym.  Goodnight and have a great week!

1 comment:

Jen said...

Congrats on a non-over indulgent weekend!! Your lunch looked fabulous!!! Have a great day :)