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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Weekend away!

Another busy weekend put to rest!  I have taken ZERO photos this weekend.

Friday’s plans changed and we ended up at Lonestar for dinner. I had fajitas.  We went to TCBY afterwards. I got a chocolate fro yo with a bunch of fruit.

Saturday involved some errands in Toronto, driving an hour out of town to my parents’ house, then turning around and going to a nursery with them so mom could pick out the flowers for the back of their house, then it was back home to get ready for dinner out.  We went to Kelsey’s and I had a clubhouse salad minus the bacon and ranch dressing (with balsamic on the side instead). 

Today involved baking up a storm in my mom’s kitchen, shopping with my parents, dinner then driving back to my place.

I apologize for no pictures.  Can I get an award for the most BORING post ever?

Thank you!

Saturday was my parents’ 34th wedding anniversary.  My parents are 55 years old and have been together for 42 years now.  Yes… high school sweethearts and first loves.  While we were driving home from shopping today I looked up from my iPhone to see my parents holding hands in the front seat.  True love.

I will leave you with one picture. My parents dancing to their wedding song (Can’t Help Falling in Love – Elvis) at my sister’s wedding almost 4 years ago.  Can you feel the love?


**So… it’s now 1138pm. Went to close my laptop and realized I never hit “publish” earlier.  Time to PUBLISH this dull post and get to bed!**


Miz said...

love the photo of your parents.
My first wedding was at the justice of the peace in running tights (dont ask) I plan to renew my vows in a DRESS so I can have a similar photo some day :)

Tricia said...


Jen said...

Aww! Happy Anniversary to your parents.