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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


I am home sick today.  Does anyone else feel tremendous guilt calling in sick?  I do… but today I didn’t. I needed a rest day.

After some non-food time this morning, my stomach eventually appeared ready for food.

I started out with a wheat grass in POM shot, then a Weight Watcher thin (1), 1tbsp Crofter’s North America (1) – I have decided North America is my favourite, followed closely by Europe. I also put 1/2c ff cottage cheese on top (1). I am in love with cottage cheese this week.  I also enjoyed some sunshine in a bowl in the form of pineapple, strawberries and blueberries (1)

DSCN6581 DSCN6583


When I was preparing my toast with jam and cottage cheese I was tempted to ‘fudge’ my jam. I wanted to add more than 1 tbsp to it. I had a HEAPING spoonful of jam, but then decided I must be honest with myself… so I took my knife and scraped off the excess jam.  I then proceeded to pat myself on the back.

*Are you honest with yourself when you are measuring and counting (points/calories)?*

I had a snack of vanilla chobani (2) and PB cereal stuff (1).  This cereal is ADDICTIVE. I normally buy peanut butter puffins but to be honest the cereal is so big it scratches my mouth. This stuff is for kids and smaller… and perfect!





Lunch was a flatout wrap (1), an HONEST 1tbsp hummus (1), weighed 30g light old cheddar (2) and spinach (0).  It was followed by a protein smores bar (3)




I snacked on only a few pieces of watermelon (0)…


Dinner was 1c whole wheat pasta (3), a couple of spoonfuls of ff cottage cheese (0) and 30g light old cheddar (2)… all melted up and goey…



Thanks to PMS I am having serious sweets cravings. I think I managed to take care of it by having a heaping spoonful of natural PB (3), 2tbsp marshmallow fluff (1) and 1tbsp chocolate chips (2)



I have managed 4L of water today. Crazy.  My body has definitely let me know I didn’t drink enough water yesterday.

I also came across something new at the grocery store the other day…



I’ve never come across tempeh in my grocery stores… and the other day I came across it and it was on SPECIAL!  I will be trying it tomorrow or Friday and will let you know if I like it!

I found out my gym membership is in the mail. Woohoo. I really can’t wait to get started with more exercise. I’m going to be honest though, I’m scared of the gym.  I joined a gym about 7 or 8 years ago and signed a contract for a full year (of gym AND personal training)… I quit going after a month. I get intimidated. I walk in and think everyone is wondering what the fat girl is doing there. I will just have to get over that fear!!

Did anyone else have a fear of the gym at one point in their life?  How did you get over it?

I’m off like a prom dress… I think I feel like having straight hair for a couple of days, so it’s time to devote an hour or two to wash/blow dry/straighten it.  So much work!

Wish me luck for weigh in tomorrow. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be up… not for lack of being accountable this week though!


MirandaJayne said...

A fellow Metro shopper. I have seen the Tempeh the last month or so, but was disapointed to see they didn't have the non flavored bricks (like tofu). Tonight however the flash of the sale signs caught my eyes, and I picked up the coconut flavored Tempeh.

Now where do you buy your Chobani? Do you get it here in Ontario?

I am almost always honest with myself when I measure my food, I've been doing it so long now sometimes I just eyeball it, and then measure to see how close I am, and I am usually pretty good. I pride myself on cutting food to weight ;-) strange I know lol.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear what you think of the Tempeh, I've seen it here at the Superstore but haven't tried it yet.

I *try* and be honest with the measuring, I use cups and the scale frequently but I will often not use the spoons. (Well with oil I always do) Nut butters are so annoying to measure out because half of the portion ends up sticking to the spoon. Same goes for mayo etc. I never measure stuff like ketchup and mustard, just a few squirts.

Shrinking Jen said...

MirandaJayne... I get the Chobani at McEwan's grocery store at Don Mills and Lawrence. Can't wait to hear what you think of the tempeh!

Lynn... I never measure mustard either, but I do measure ketchup because I can eat a LOT of it. I don't like when I can't get all of the PB out of the measuring spoon either... so I always get what I can for my sandwich and then just lick the rest off the measuring spoon :) If I'm counting it - I'm eating it!!