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Monday, June 28, 2010

Goodbye Monday

Well, another Monday is over.  One Monday closer to my 2 weeks off and my visit to my sister and family in Chicago.

Today was my last Monday morning off until September. Boo.  Our office is open late Monday to Thursday so we all work 1 evening a week. I got lucky and scored Mondays… which means Monday mornings off (and working until 8pm).  Our summer hours means I work days on Mondays (and work a few sporadic late shifts).  I will miss Monday mornings off. It really helps to have the AM off after a weekend out of town (at my parents’ house).

Today’s plan was to go to Newbody at the gym. I didn’t make it. I wasn’t feeling the greatest and I think I felt exhausted from the weekend.

Breakfast was a WW thin (1) with becel spray (0) and some berries (2)




Lunch was leftover pizza (8) – I felt better by this time.  I followed it up with some fibre 1 (1), FF vanilla yogurt (1) and oreo crumbs (1)



I then proceeded to go to work without my camera. Enter iPhone pictures.

Snack was more fruit (2)


It was followed by Popchips (2)… because around this time I hit some major hunger pangs. 


Dinner was some crap leftovers thrown together at last minute after I came to realize my spinach had gone bad and I couldn’t make a salad… and my strawberries had mould… and my WW bread AND WW pitas had mould. Ewww.

I ended up eating 2/3c brown rice (2), leftover chicken sausage (2) with some frozen veggies


It was followed by a coconut Larabar (5) and pineapple Chobani (3).

I’m so tired today.  The dishes are done, lunch and snacks are made for tomorrow AND dinner is made for tomorrow night after the gym.  Yep. I’m returning for ZUMBA tomorrow!  Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday!


Sarah said...

Your makeshift dinner looks really good! I love mixing up random stuff like that. I also love the idea of Oreo crumbs, that way you can get the taste of it without too many calories.

Jen said...

Awesome day!!! Hope all goes well at the gym today :)