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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sick Tuesday

“Sick” being the operative word. It has a double meaning this week. First, it was shaping up to be a sick (meaning AWESOME) day because after work I was going to my parents’ house to see my beautiful nephew (while my BIL and sister were at my BIL’s convocation – he got his PhD, thank you very much!).  Sick also happens to mean I called in sick to work. Crap, crap, crap. I woke up with a crazy headache and felt nauseated! I called in sick to work and took that time to rest so I could still enjoy the evening with my nephew.

Once I felt better (after a nap) I headed straight to my parents’ house to get greeted by this wonderful face



(this is him crazy laughing after this cool aunt taught him to make farting noises.. all afternoon I would hear farting noises from him followed by “that’s ‘sgusting”.  So precious).

I did eat yesterday..

The day started out with some wheatgrass in a shot of POM (0), followed by a homemade smores protein n’ oats bar.  I got the idea from Susan's blog.  I messed the recipe up a little and each bar is now (3)pts…




I had a little watermelon later (1)


I made my nephew and my dad some Kraft Dinner and turkey wieners for lunch. I had 1 spoonful of KD (to make sure it came out okay, allowed 2pts for the big spoonful) and managed to NOT eat any more… which was REALLY, REALLY tough.  I had 1/2 wiener and light swiss in a flatout wrap (4)


Dinner was made by moi as well.  My mom works every day (my dad retired last year) so I decided (after a little rest) to make dinner for everyone. I used flatout wraps my mom bought in Chicago and made individual pizzas for the 4 of us (dad, mom, nephew and me).  I also made some sidekicks tortellini dish my mom had in the pantry (my nephew hasn’t been eating much the last few days… and I happen to know the way to his stomach is with pasta and cheese) and then I pulled together a salad.

Here’s my plate… the flatout pizza (flatout – 1, sauce – 0, turkey wiener – 2, cheese – 1), tortellini (3), salad with some light cheese and ff dressing (1)


What is not pictured is the piece of fresh rhubarb pie I also made for everyone. I had a small piece and I’m allowing (5) points for it. Not pictured is also the light babybel cheese I ate (1).

Happy hump day to all. I’ll be back later for today’s recap!

I leave you with a question… We are driving to Chicago (from Toronto) via Michigan and Indiana in July.  My sister and her boys moved there for my BIL’s job so we are going to visit for a 4 day weekend.  Any stops you suggest we make? Or more importantly  - any food items you suggest I buy? My sister lives very close to a Trader Joe’s!!

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