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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Earthquakes, tornadoes… and FRIZZY HAIR

Sorry… no photos of this frizz head.  BUT, I can tell you I resemble THIS today:


Of course, everyone around here managed to STOP talking about the upcoming G20 today in light of the GROUND SHAKING!  I felt it at work, only didn’t realize what it was. We have a train that goes by our office and I just assumed that’s what it was.  My family felt it north east of the city… and low and behold, that same family now has a TORNADO warning tonight.  What is mother Earth trying to tell us today?

Today was a planned rest day from the gym. In light of the weather, I was glad it was!  I’m going to the gym tomorrow and can’t decide if I’ll do my own thing or if I’ll go to BodyStep.  Has anyone else tried it?  Should I wait until I’m not a novice to attempt the class?  Zumba killed me yesterday (although, I’m not sore today! Hooray!).

Today started out with a PB/naner wrap (5)… it was my last banana for now so I have no CLUE what I’ll have for breakfast tomorrow!


Snack was a bit of mango and blueberry (1)


Lunch was a salad with chicken breast (3), spinach (0), grape tomatoes (0), cucumber (0), red onion (0), capers (0), 1/8c black beans (0), 1/8c corn (0), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (1) and 3tbsp FF Italian dressing (0).  DELICIOUS!


Afternoon snack has quickly become a favourite for me.  1/2c ff vanilla yogurt (1), 1/2c fibre 1 (1), 1/2tbsp oreo crumbs (1). It’s sweet and filling and the fibre 1 gives it bulk to fill you up more.  I will try it with vanilla Greek yogurt at some point.


Dinner was originally going to be eggs, but I felt like cereal when I got home. I had fibre 1 (2) and PB panda cereal stuff (2) and 1/2c almond breeze (0)


I also ended up having 3 pieces of the new natural deli meat (turkey breast!) and some cream cheese (2).

That’s it! The kitchen is closed (except when I return to do dishes)!

Wish me luck at weigh in tomorrow!  And PLEASE give me input about BodyStep!  Happy Thursday.  Be safe in this crazy weather my fellow Earthlings!


Miranda @ MirandasJeans said...

I say try the class but just don't try all the classes in one week you will be tired and sore. But give them all a fair chance, I don't think one class will give you any kind of edge when trying a new one.

andrea. said...

I love this idea of putting oreo crumbs in the vanilla yogurt! I'm a HUGE fan of cookies and cream ice cream, so this is right up my alley. :)

PS: Hi! I found your blog via Embracing Balance. Love finding other Toronto health and weight loss bloggers!

secretsaplenty said...

Yum!! Love the pics of your food. And ff vanilla greek yogurt is so tasty and creamy, I don't notice anything missing at all!