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Sunday, January 06, 2008

Me vs the EVIL 100 calorie bars!

well, unfortunately what you DIDN'T read about last night was me waking up CRAVING those 100 calorie bars I had bought. I gave in. Want to know how many I ate? Believe me... you DON'T. But I will tell you it was more than 4 but less than 6. This is on TOP of the 2 I had eaten earlier in the night. Those boxes are now safely hidden out of my sight. Hopefully I can forget they are there. Honestly, I don't know WHY i buy these things... they really only cause me problems.

The GOOD news is I've been on the treadmill today for longer than I had planned... what was initially going to be a half hour walk turned into a 1hr jog... so I'm pleased with that.

Tonight I have to start calling the parents for my next parent group. I've committed to 12 more weeks... why do i do that? MONEY. Honestly, that's the only reason. SickKids is also calling... I better start taking shifts there again too if I want to keep that job!

Here's what I've had today:
Brunch - ww bagel (2), 2 BOCA patties (2), 1 egg (2), egg whites (1), 2 ff cheese slices (1), blue menu ketchup (0), organic apple (1)
Snack mid-afternoon: 2 100 calorie bars (4), ff cottage cheese fruit cup (2), 10 whole grain triscuits (2), cheese string (1)
Dinner - 2 oz chicken breast (2), broccolini (0), peas (0). yogurt (1), pudding (1), mousse (1). 100 cal chips ahoy (2)

DONE for the DAY now... for REAL this time!!!!
I ask myself WHY I am so hungry... I think I have to train myself to have a decreased appetite... I had become conditioned to eating a LOT more over the holidays.

I was sitting on my butt looking through my US magazine last night and came across some jewelry I'd like to buy myself. I'm SURE it's supposed to be an engagement ring, but I don't care. It's too pretty NOT to be in my possession.

1 comment:

Tara said...

your picture is too funny. i think every food in my house is the devil today. i could not stop eating. but you're right. 5 days of routine this week. that's GOTTA help!