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Thursday, January 17, 2008

The results? I'm not a happy camper

I was up 0.8lbs. At least it wasn't a full pound. This is what I get for bingeing all weekend and not making up for it with my activity this week. After a rotten day at work and a rough week in general... I should expect nothing else.

The bad news is this is NOT how i am going to get to my goal weight by the spring.

The good news is tomorrow starts a new week and I have a game plan for the treadmill thanks to what I was reading on Mrs. Furious' blog - i'm WALKING this week!! I feel good about it. i tend to find walking boring... but at 6am I'm thinking i'll find it less discouraging than's worth a try

My plan this weekend (besides shopping across the border) is to make my mom's point-friendly broccoli soup!

Happy Thursday everyone... only 1 more day til the stinking weekend... and tonight's episode of Ugly Betty is a new one! yay!

I have found something to cheer me up. I think this video is hilarious. I have decided this would be a GREAT song to make my bridal party dance to should i get married one day (ladies, beware!! haha!!)

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