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Saturday, January 12, 2008

A Whole New Weight Watcher World!

Where to begin? So many new food options in Canada!!

It started last week with the new 100 calorie bars

Then yesterday I read THIS on Tara's Blog!! So, of course I had to see if they were in Toronto as well. Alex graciously offered to take me to Loblaws after we were done dinner at Montana's at 8pm. What do you know? Take a look:
How exciting is this?? I have done a thorough comparison. Canadian ones weigh 10 g less than the US ones... have 1 g more fat, and a bit less fibre. When you look at them side by side, they appear the same size basically (in my opinion). The Canadian ones do seem softer, less dense (probably where the weight difference lies), and more fresh. PLUS, they are 100% whole wheat... something I love. Oh yes. Happy day!!

ALSO, do you LOVE Craving's Waist Watcher Cheesecakes? On their website they are advertising that they are NOW sold at COSTCO!!! Seriously? We are going to Costco tomorrow and I fully intend on looking for them!
I've been enjoying buying all these treats so much that I decided to put them in a treat bowl and keep them on display. Quite a temptation for me... but I like seeing them all sitting out and knowing I'm walking by them. Here's my treat bowl with Reese 100 cal bars, Reese 100 cal snackster packs, 50 cal nerds boxes, 80 cal dark chocolate kit kat bars, and 80 cal packs of real fruit orchard flavours.

Yesterday my menu was just like this:
BF - 3/4c special k (2), 1/2c milk (1)
Lunch - romaine (0), tuna (1), cup a soup (1), apple (1), yogurt (1)
Dinner at Montana's - veggie burger with feta (10), steamed vegetables (0)
Starbucks - latte (3)
Snack - nerds (1)
Middle of the night craving - cheesecakes (2)

Today's menu:
BF and snacking after grocery shopping. 5 triscuits (1), 1 tbsp lactantia salsa cream cheese (1), ww cake (1), cheesecake (1), ww bagel (2)
I'm declaring today a day of snacking - besides what i've already listed, I've had:
2 cheesecakes (2), 1pc ww bread (0)and 1 tbsp ff cream cheese (1) with a baby dill (0), blackberries (1), real fruit minis (2), kit kat singles (2)

While I'm thinking about it though - I bought Lactantia Mediterranean salsa light cream cheese. It's 30 cal for 1 tbsp. It is really good! what a yummy spicy kick it has!

Another thing I came across yesterday was 100 calorie packs of cheese crackers (Tara, I thought of YOU and your love of crackers!). They're by Leclerc and I found them at Reid's dairy in Whitby (on one of the shelves in the middle of the store).

Today's plans are to relax on the couch with a movie, then go on the treadmill, then this evening do some MUCH NEEDED cleaning!! I'll be back to update my menu throughout the day! Happy Saturday and happy point friendly shopping everyone!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Thanks Jen...I was wondering what the comparison on them would be. I just hadn't gotten around to it. They definitely seemed a little fresher to me but then I was thinking maybe it was because my bagels had been in the freezer for MONTHS!! I haven't tried one yet but I actually said out loud at the store...holy crap, we have bagels!! One lady looked at me a bit funny...I guess she doesn't know what a BIG deal this is!!!
It would be great if the cheesecakes were at Costco...I was there today but didn't know to look for them. It was a zoo in there and I didn't have much patience to browse.
Have fun there tomorrow!