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Sunday, January 27, 2008

O Canada!

Well, lookie what I stumbled across in Dominion today:
Fibre 1 bars are now available in Canada!!!

Yesterday was spent going to Hamilton to see this adorable little guy (note how happy he looks to be in my arms... he was preoccupied with wanting to grab my shiny camera)

I could have done better yesterday. I managed to get on the treadmill for 45min before my parents picked me up to take me with them to Hamilton... I had chicken chili for lunch with a WW bagel at my sister's... THEN came the desserts. Michele had made 100 calorie brownies (100 calories before the pecans and icing!), I had 2 of those... and my mom bought these 'millionaire squares' things that were shortbread base with caramel and chocolate on top. I had 1 of those... all together, not so bad considering i went on the treadmill. we ate at like 3pm and I was home by 7pm and munched all freakin evening. I lost track of what I was munching on at some point.

Today, got up and went grocery shopping... came back and cleaned the bathroom and the floors... then had a nap... and eventually went on the treadmill (that's 3 days in a row! woohoo!). I decided to mix it up a little and this evening i walked on an incline for an hour rather than jog.

Here's what I've eaten today (I've had major snack attacks yesterday AND today):
BF - blackberries (1), light POM tea (1), granola bites (2)
Snack - cheesestring (1), quaker crispy delights (2), 100 calorie crackers (2)
Lunch - broccoli soup (1), allegro cheese (1), 2 tbsp ff sour cream (1), ww bagel (2), 2 tbsp cream cheese (1), 2 dill pickles (0), hostess cupcakes (2), ww caramel cake (1)
Dinner - steamed 2 oz chicken breast (2), beans, peas, and broccoli (0), SF pudding (1)

Happy Monday to everyone!!!

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