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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tired Tuesday

It's a typical Tuesday... only this week I have 2 days left until my weekend because I took Friday off (for no good reason even, just a day off to myself!).

No treadmill today... which unfortunately comes as no surprise to me. Tuesdays are so hard to find motivation.

Here's what I've eaten:
BF - weight control oatmeal (2), 8 almonds (1), flaxseed meal (0)
Snack - ff swiss miss hot chocolate from the US (1)
Lunch - baby romaine (0), tuna (1), allegro cheese (1), balsamic hellman's spritzer (0), silhouette mousse stuff (1), 1c broccoli soup (1), 100 calorie hostess cakes (2)
Dinner - US ww bagel (2), 1 tbsp blue menu almond butter (2), 1 tbsp jam (1), cheese string (1), granola bites (2)

It's too hard to eat all of my points on Tuesdays... I can only pack so much and my dinner has to be able to be eaten in the car on the way to group... oh well, i'm sure it balances out the weekend a little bit (hopefully). I also don't eat when I get home because i'm TRYING not to eat past 8pm!!

Happy Hump day to all!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Mmmm, it seems like a hot chocolate day...good idea. I'm going to make some now!
Taking Friday off for no good reason sounds AWESOME. I have been trying to have a sick day all week but I feel too guilty. I called a few people the day before to see if they could cover me and they couldn't. So I just kept dragging my ass in there. I should just call in and let them deal with it but I can't. So short story long (lol) I want Friday off too (as she stomps her feet and crys).
Have a happy "Friday" tomorrow and good luck at the scale :)