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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You know what tomorrow is! (and I love Bok Choy)

Today is hump day... that means tomorrow is THE day... the day of truth... Thursday... T-DAY!

Today was uneventful... so let's get right to it. i made it on the treadmill this morning before work!

BF - weight control oatmeal (2), 8 almonds (2)
Lunch - organic baby romaine (0), allegro cheese (1), salmon (2). apple (1). yogurt (1). granola bar (2)
Dinner - mahi mahi (i don't know how many ounces my fish was... so i will over estimate and guess it was 6oz, which means it was 4pts), steamed boy choy (0), mango salsa (1). diet coke (0)

so, i'm under points again.

I saved so many points for dinner because i wasn't sure what i would have... turns out, when we got there i felt strong and got the mahi mahi and on top of that, asked them to hold the rice pilaf and got more bok choy with it instead (loving bok choy by the way - never had it!). and i didn't get home until now (well, 8:30) so it's too late to have a snack. oddly enough though, i'm not hungry. dinner was fun too - my friend got a hamburger with sweet potato fries... i found myself almost reaching over and grabbing one of her fries (because that is what i would do if it were alex!)

that's my day in a nutshell!! good luck to all weighing in tomorrow!!

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