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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Treadmill = down for the count

My treadmill is sick. I can't use it again until I get some oil on the track. It keeps stopping while I am still MOVING. Me moving + treadmill stopping = me falling and banging my head against the wall. That is not an outcome I would like to have happen. TOMORROW i will go to the store and get some oil! The good news is I have done planks in the mean time.

In a final ditch effort to see what I can lose before the dreaded WI tomorrow, I have eaten less today. Partially intentional... but partially because my alarm clock appears to be on vacation still and did not wake me up this morning, so I didn't have time to make lunch. Here's what I mean:

BF = ff cottage cheese orchard fruit (2) - you know the singles containers you can buy of cottage cheese and fruit? now they finally have one with FF COTTAGE CHEESE! It's soooo yummy! I bought a pkg of 4 and FULLY intend on buying a BUNCH more!
Lunch = french onion cup a soup (2). yep. that was my whole lunch.
Snack = 1/2 tbsp light garden cream cheese (1), 3 low fat triscuits (1)
Dinner = broccolini (0), carrots (0), ff sour cream dip (1), cucumber and grape tomatoes (0), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), 2 baby dills (0), 60g allegro cheese (2). TWO jello pudding cups (2), TWO candy canes (2). Apple (1).
Snack = organic pear (1), all bran bites (1)

Here's my dinner (the cheese did not make it into the photo. It was actually consumed while I was steaming the broccolini)

While I'm here. Has anyone heard of A website you can submit a photo of yourself and they'll send you an email back showing you how you'll look 5-50lbs lighter. I submitted a photo and requested to see what I'd look like 50lbs lighter. Here's what they came up with:


Does anyone else think I look like some top-heavy football player? It looks terrible! Man, I better lose some boobs when this weight comes off. I don't want to look like that photo!!! (but it's not enough to stop me from losing weight of course!) Also, I don't have any CURVES in the photo. They cropped down my stomach but didn't give me a waist... I'm glad that site is free!

1 comment:

Tara said...

I think the picture looks good! You look great in the before one!! I guess maybe they could have taken a bit more off the chest area but it doesn't make you look like a football player :)
Good luck tomorrow. I think I'm going to weigh in...I'm not expecting it to be good either though. Time will tell!
Have a good night. HOpefully your alarm works tomorrow. I don't know how you survived on a cup of soup!!!