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Saturday, January 05, 2008

New food finds!

so, I totally forgot when I was shopping at the Walmart Supercentre on new years eve day... I found vitalicious muffins in the frozen organic/health food section that are only 100 calories. So, I decided to buy them and bring them home... I remembered about them today (while curled up on the couch watching the movie "the queen") and went to check them out. they have 5 friggin' grams of fibre folks! (READ - ONLY 1PT PER MUFFIN!). I bought the cranberry bran muffin but they also had blueberry bran. Here is their website: Vitalicious Canada. It appears you can shop online even, but I haven't explored that any further.

Here's what I've eaten so far today (and I'll be back to update throughout the day!)
BF - quaker weight control oatmeal (2), 2 clementines (1), vitalicious muffin (1), 1/2 tbsp flaxseed meal on the oatmeal (0)
Snack - 8 organic baby carrots (0), 2 tbsp ff sour cream dip (1), cheese string (1)
Lunch - smart ones lasagna florentine (6)
Dinner - no official dinner. I've done nothing but snack all afternoon. pudding (2), 2pc ww bread (1), 2 ff cheese slices (1), granola bar (2), 3 triscuits and cream cheese (2), ff cottage cheese and fruit cup (2), 2 100 cal packs (4)

That is IT! I am DONE eating for today!!! I'm cut off!

Also - check out the new Walmart ad! We NOW have NEW 100 cal products here in Canada! Hershey's york mint patties, reese bars, and hershey bars!!!!! I'm going to head to Walmart at some point and check them out!

*ETA* Went to Walmart and got the 100 calorie bars. They had the wafter bars and the reese peanut butter bars. No york mint bars, but that's okay! I'm just glad we have these things coming to Canada! When are the WW bagels coming??

Last night Alex and I did a bunch of running around and were FINALLY heading to the food court to grab some dinner (poor Alex hadn't eaten all day and it was 8pm and he was STARVING). I happened to notice a new place in the food court called "grill it up!" As soon as I see "grill" in a name, i'm drawn to it. So, Alex and I went to check it out and while we were standing there looking at the menu I noticed a man waving, but assumed he was waving at someone else. Turns out, he was waving at my Alex... he's a former client and he owns the new grill it up! stores. He stood and chatted with Alex for a while and sold us on his restaurant... Alex gave him a business card (he didn't know Alex had his own firm now) and we were FINALLY able to order and get out of there and go EAT! I got 2 chicken skewers, basmati rice (with some butter chicken sauce - sooo good, but not healthy), and channa chick pea stuff. Since I had the owner there I took advantage of asking about the food... NOTHING is deep fried. it's all grilled and baked. He let me try the potatoes - YUM (although Alex thinks they should be baked a little longer). The chicken/steak/shrimp is precooked, but then they warm it on the grill for you as you order it... it smells like BBQ and looked so good (yes, by 8pm i was HUNGRY!).


Tara said...

Mmmm, new 100 cal finds in Canada! That's awesome. I'm going to have to look into those muffins too. Maybe I'll order them online as I doubt my lovely town has them anywhere!!
Good food day for you :) Keep up the good work, you're inspiring me. I seem to be dragging my feet a bit!

Tara said...

And yeah, where are the WW bagels????