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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

NEXT! (week)

Let's just start fresh next week, shall we? After the weekend my food has been great... the problem is in the fact that I have ZERO energy and want to sleep all the time when I'm home. This is nothing new... periodically you get these complaints from me where I have a lack of energy (maybe I should increase my iron when this happens? hmm... food for thought).

I slept in today... just like yesterday. The difference with today is at least I got home at a decent time tonight and was able to do "running up the stairs" on the stairmaster for 20 min... holy CRAP that is tiring. My legs are SORE now! I just didn't feel like the treadmill tonight.

Tomorrow's WI day! I have a fear I didn't lose the 2.2lbs I wanted to this week... but time will tell.

Here's what I ate today:
BF - weight control oatmeal (2), 8 almonds (2), flaxseed (0)
Lunch - tuna (1), cheese (1), cucumber (0), ff italian 2tbsp (0), cottage cheese and fruit cup (2), apple (1), cup a soup (1)
Snack at 4pm - cup a soup (1)
Dinner - egg (2), egg whites (1), ww bagel (2), 2tbsp ff cream cheese (1), yogurt (1), SF jello pudding x2 (2)

I think I may go enjoy an epson salts bath now actually.

Happy Thursday everyone - we've almost made it to the weekend! Yay! I'm going shopping in the states this weekend with the bride, her mom, and her sister in law. we're going to david's bridal to look at wedding gowns! fun! (and now I don't have to beg her to find a store where they sell WW bagels!! although, I think she would like to get crystal light fruit punch).

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