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Monday, January 14, 2008

Forget vowels. I'd like to buy HOURS


There just aren't enough hours in the day for everything I'd like to accomplish sometimes. At least it's monday and I appear to have my eating back in order. I intended on going on the stairmaster tonight, but alas... parent group stuff manipulated my time when I got home from my full time job at 8:30.

I did, at least, get on the treadmill today. That's pretty much all of the excitment I've had! I worked all afternoon and some tonight. I stopped just long enough to watch one of my favourite shows (Jon and Kate plus 8).

My eating is back on track. See for yourself
BF - weight control oatmeal (2), 6 almonds (1)
Lunch - Cdn ww bagel (2), cheese slice (1), blue menu ketchup (1), ff cottage cheese and fruit cup (2), 3 baby dill pickles (0), carrots (0), ff sour cream dip (1)
Snack - 3/4 c fruity cheerios (2)
Dinner - baby spinach (0), tuna (1), allegro cheese (1), cucumber onion and tomato (0), 2 tbsp ff italian (0), pear (1), yogurt (1)

Hmmm... no wonder I'm hungry now. It appears I didn't eat enough today. I'll try and plan better tomorrow... but it's hard when you're out of the house for lunch and dinner.

Here's hoping I can get up early and get on the treadmill!!

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