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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Luck Post!

Good luck to Tara, me... and anybody else weighing in today!! Of course, I won't be weighing in until between 6 and 7 this evening... so I will be back to update
the results tonight! Happy day-before-the big winter storm! (or day-before-Friday!).


éva said...

Hello, I discovered your blog yesterday by surfing on internet because I looked for the points of a bagel !!! I am French and make WW from now on 5 months. I have to say that I like your blog, it is great! There are lots of photos of food, hummm my dream !
I noticed that the French and American method of calculation of points (and surement Canadian) are different, what makes that all in all, points are not the same!
Here, it's : (calories/60)/(fat/9) and that is all, and you, (cal/50)+(fat/12)-(fibres/5)
Finally, the number of points by food is different... It is strange WW! I wanted to congratulate you on the courage which you have for your diet, and to say to yourself that WW is the best regime because we can eat of everything.I say it because having been on a diet 2 years without eating anything, I can say to you that today, with WW I live again!

éva said...

sorry, here in France, it's (calories/60)+(fat/9) !!!