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Thursday, January 03, 2008

No surprises here...

I was up 5.2lbs. Actually, I did expect to be up a bit more than that. My leader was telling me she weighed in a lady at her meeting last night and the lady gained 5lbs over the holidays and then told the leader it would be okay, that she would have the weight back off by the end of FEBRUARY. I told her (my leader) I'll have this weight off in 2 weeks. I could be extreme and get it off in a week... but I'm not willing to starve myself. I do like food too much for that!

I didn't bother getting a sub tonight... there's too many things in my fridge I need to eat up!

BF - cottage cheese and fruit (2)
L - lettuce and cheese and tuna salad (4), apple (1), cup a soup (1)
Snack - 2pc ww bread (1), cheese slices (2)
Dinner - 8 perogies (8), 14 low fat fries (2), SF puddings (2)

I doubt I'll have a snack later now... it's back to not eating after 8pm for me!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

I wasn't too far behind you, Jen! Christmas is Christmas. It only comes once a year. And I know it's not about food but EVERYBODY else should be told that. There is food that is only made once a year and how are you supposed to deprive yourself of that? Especially when you know that you can get right BACK on track and kick some serious booty!!
Have a nice cold glass of crystal light and enjoy your evening :) Friday is only a few hours away!!