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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I am strong. I am WOMAN!

I think I need to download that Helen Reddy song. my mom used to play that record all the time when we were kids "I am woman, hear me roar". I'm going to do that right now in fact (while I type my blog).

do you ever get those McDonalds flyers in the mail? the ones with the delicious looking fries? those get me every time... especially when i have a 24hr drive thru around the corner. luckily i don't have enough desire to LEAVE to go get them now that i'm finally home. mcdonalds always makes me think of highschool. back in the day there wasn't many options for where go head out to on spare and lunch in Lindsay... sometimes we would head to McDonalds... and TARA loved ketchup as much as me and would always get more than one (or two) containers full of ketchup. Ahhh memories!

Anyway, no treadmill this morning. I actually DID attempt it... but my stomach was having issues and would not cooperate (I think I had nerves due to my new parent group starting tonight). BUT I didn't go back to bed... i forced myself to try it at least. SOOOO, today was my day off (treadmill has happened sat, sun, and mon... and will now happen wed and thurs too!).

my food was fine today
BF - oatmeal (2), almonds (2), and flaxseed meal (0)
Lunch - lettuce (0), salmon (3), tomato and cucumber (0), hellman's spritzer (0), allegro cheese (1). ff cottage cheese fruit cup (2)
Dinner - ww bagel (2), BOCA cheeseburger (2), cheese slice (1). carrots and radish (0), ff sour cream dip (1)

okay, i know i've eaten more than 16 points today... but i'm drawing a blank about what. typically i do eat less on tuesdays when i'm not home for dinner and have to rely on packing lunch and dinner though...

damn presidential stuff... i also missed the biggest loser tonight because of it! saw who went home on the east coast time zone channel... but i missed all the good working out and diet tips! oh well, next week maybe!

Tomorrow I'm going out for dinner... hopefully it all goes well considering it's the day before WI!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Funny, I am just looking at those coupons now. They are so cruel!! But mmmmmmm, mcdonald's fries with at least 3 ketchups!!!
I missed biggest loser too due to work. I was so pissed off!
Anyway, don't worry about missing one day of'll get back at it!