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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Exhaustion becomes her

I have no idea why i'm so tired, but i'm exhausted. i didn't sleep well last night which meant i couldn't get up this morning... which meant no treadmill.

i saw the biggest loser (well the end of it, i was downtown until after 8pm after all). then fell asleep on the couch

Here's what i've had today (then i'm going to BED)

BF - cheerios (2), milk (1)
Lunch - chicken thigh (3), cheese (1), salsa (0), sour cream (1), ww tortilla (1), ff cottage cheese fruit cup (2), 2 clementines (1)
Dinner - US ww bagel (2), boca cheeseburger (2), cheese slice (1), carrots (0)

I'm missing something from lunch/dinner... my mind is drawing a blank though!

Good night!!!!!!

1 comment:

Tara said...

Sorry you're so sounds like you're going through my hell week from last week!! It will get better...maybe!
Get some rest so you don't get sick!