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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Potential. Yes, I have the potential.

The week is young... I have most of the week ahead of me... I have the potential to make this the greatest week yet with the results I dream of. Why am I sitting on the computer and NOT getting myself on the treadmill? I will get there...

I'm having a slower start today. But hey, it's Saturday. We rush the rest of the week, we're all entitled to a lazier morning. Basically I got up and had a HUGE breakfast (I don't know WHY i was so hungry when i woke up), made broccoli soup for the week, did the dishes... and by the time i was done alex back from the barber ready to go to COSTCO (yay!!!) and out to lunch. So, we're done that... it's already almost 4pm and no treadmill yet. My plan is to get a movie in and just spend the entire movie on the treadmill (don't ask which movie - I haven't decided that yet! i need something motivating with skinny people!).

Here's what I've had today:
BF - US ww bagel (2), 1tbsp light garden cream cheese (1)... followed by strawberry special k krispy bites (2)... followed even MORE by 2c fruity cheerios (3) and 1c skim milk (2). HOLY HUNGRY BREAKFAST!
Lunch - DENNY'S fit fare veggie egg beater omelette (6) and 2pc dry whole wheat toast (3)
Dinner (planned)- broccoli soup 2c likely (2)... not sure what else, but I will come back and update!

I'm on my own for the evening and plan on getting some much-needed cleaning done... and maybe some time on the stairmaster (yes, treadmill and stairmaster in one day... i'm such a big dreamer!).

also, i have potentially picked a dress for my friend's wedding that i'm in. she picked the designer (alfred angelo) and the colour is eggplant. We went looking on lunch yesterday and this is my favourite at this point:

Opinions, please!?! I am second guessing myself. Of course I didn't try it on at the store because I don't fit into the size 6 sample they have. I worry though that this dress may not look good on a big-boobed girl (namely, ME). BUT, I'm not ordering the dress until March... so I figure I can lose 20-30lbs by then and see what I look like closer to my goal weight (and then make sure I REACH my goal weight by the summer when I need alterations).

I welcome (and really really would like) anyone who has time to look at the alfred angelo website and see if there's a bridesmaid dress that would look better on me (in their opinion) - TARA! you have a sense of fashion. me? not so much! and alex will just give me the good boyfriend "you will look good in anything" response!!

Also, I have updated my ticker for a new goal. I need to reach that goal by the end of March when I order my dress. That is in 10 weeks. It will be hard, but it CAN (and WILL) be done. NO more messing around. No more excuses.



Tara said...

Hey Jen! Thanks for your words on my blog. Like I said, I don't know why I sometimes CANNOT make myself care. I just get so off track that it doesn't seem to make a difference to me and I know that's the wrong attitude but that just seems to be what happens. I don't know if that even makes sense!
I will do better and post my screw ups. I seem to just skip menu plans when I mess up. Maybe if I can write it down and move on, it will end that much sooner. Definitely worth a try. Too bad I didn't read this until just now and have already had pizza for breakfast!!!
I love the dress you have chosen...I'm off to the website to have a look though and see if I see anything else. It's hard for me to know about the big boob issue :) Maybe you need some thicker straps for a good bra underneath??? I'll be back!!

Tara said...
See if this link works...I really love this dress and the thicker strap may be better for you. I also love the one you picked as well. I think you're on the right track :)