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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another run for the border!

well, I went shopping with the bride today in Tonawanda. we got to david's bridal and it was 11:50(ish), but they didn't open until 12... so instead of waiting we went across the street to wegman's to eat at their market place... then we went GROCERY SHOPPING (oh yes, hello 100 calorie packs... thank GOD i didn't spend as much as I did when I went shopping with Tara!). I DID make sure I bought FOUR bags of flatout wraps (i have rationed them since my last trip with tara and am SO happy I can eat more now!). Of COURSE i got TONS of crystal light... so much so that I don't think i even NEED to drink any from canada... i still had so much left from when i went shopping with tara... and STILL bought MORE today. I also got my mom a CASE of fuze slenderize (yes tara, I learned from our last trip - much much easier to buy a case than just buy them all loose!).

anyway, i we went to david's bridal and were lucky enough to get a lady to help... and jess found her dress!!! it looks gorgeous on her... it was a fun day! we were going to head straight home after that... but stopped at the mall right across the street (boulevard mall)... where i just happened to know there was a certain store i was interested in.

soooo... to the store we go! I got all moisturizing soaps this time... i got 2 kitchen lemon, midnight pomegranate, country apple, moonlight path (alex's favourite), tropical passionfruit, and coconut lime. they were on sale 7 soaps for $20!!!!! i thought about buying 7 more soaps... but decided to show some self restraint. i also bought a bunch of moisturizers (6 for $20), plus a couple of travel size moisturizers, plus a couple of anti bacterial moisturizers (they look like small hand lotion containers but they're anti bacterial!). when the lady rang up my total it was over $100... but then she tallied in the discounts from all the sales... HELLOOOO it was only $55!!! i can't wait to go again. why is this though? i have more soap than i know what to do with... but i can't wait to have more. i know why this is... because tara got me HOOKED and now i HOURDE!!!!

Here's what i've eaten today (points are guesses for lunch and dinner, as i ate out):
BF - bagel (2), 1tbsp light garden cream cheese (1)
Lunch - turkey whole wheat wrap with cheese, lettuce, pepper, and mustard (7 tops?)
Dinner - bourbon chicken (5? we'll say 6), broccoli and beans (2 because i don't know what they were cooked in).
Snack - ww caramel cake from the states (1), 100 cal pepperidge farm chocolate chip cookies (2), crunchy stix (1)

I'd say I controlled myself pretty well today. no treadmill though. BUT at dinner i did NOT have noodles or rice with the chicken... I opted for chicken that was grilled and not BREADED or anything... AND had vegetables as my sides! score one for me!!!

Last night I ended up going out for boys' night and went to the pub. when i found out i was going out i DID make myself get on the treadmill and pulled off a 45min jog! THEN i did have beer and perogies while we were out though. oh well... this is life.

That's my weekend in a nutshell. I hope everyone has a good Monday!!

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Tara said...

That is too funny that you had the doorknob customs guy when you came back!! What is with all the OTHER people that can get across without paying duty?? I'm beginning to think that will never be us!
I'm jealous of your flat out wraps...I still have a few left but will have to ration them now! They are so big and only 1 pt!! Craziness!
Oh yeah, also exciting that the bride found her there pics of it online?? I've been sucked into the wedding world with my cousin (and no, I'm not in the wedding...just J) that I want to see everyone's dresses and colours and flowers and decorations...
Your food was great considering all the temptations...way to go!