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Monday, November 02, 2009

Weekend Update

So... the weekend came and went! After I left you on Saturday I ended up at my sister's house (with Alex) to have a visit and watch my nephew ("Pokoyo" - a Canadian cartoon character) go trick or treating for the first time (last year he was 1yr old, he didn't really go anywhere). Presenting Pokoyo (costume hand-sewn by my sister herself. AMAZING) He did a GREAT job going door to door and quite clearly saying "TRICK OR TREAT!" While there visiting I was overwhelmed and flattered to be asked to be the one to raise my nephew should something happen to my sister and BIL. I couldn't help it, I cried. I love my nephew more than life itself. I don't know what it's like to have my own child, but I literally can't imagine loving anyone more than I do him. I would take a bullet for that child. Here's me sneaking in more cuddle time with him before he had to go to bed
So, the weekend didn't lend itself to any jogging. Food was okay.
Orange "candy" apples in honour of Halloween!

Saturday's breakfast (ww bagel, egg, light old cheddar and blue menu ketchup)I spent some time preparing a couple of pomegranates... here's the product of 2 of them (so messy... so worth it)They look like little candies, don't they?
Sunday's lunch... 2 ww tortillas, yves Mexican veggie ground round, cheese... done on the Foreman with some plain ff yogurt on topLooks kind of gross, no? It was good!
Decided to make some kale chips I've read about all over blogs - holy CRAP were they GOOD!! Definitely adding them to dinner rotations!Some chick peas, tomatoes and kalamata olives on the side of the kale chips (Sunday dinner)I think that sums up my weekend. How was yours?

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