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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Mr. Sandman where are you?

I can’t sleep!  My sinuses are killing me tonight. I may resort to gravol to get me to sleep.  I hate doing that, but sometimes it’s necessary for my sanity. I’ve managed this bug au natural all week, but if I’m losing sleep – drugs are the answer.

I managed a 45min jog today!

I am lacking appetite though… I don’t feel nauseated or anything, just not hungry.  Here’s what I’ve eaten…

Breakfast: ww toast (1), egg (2), apple/cinnamon (1)

Lunch: ww bagel (2), apple (1), 30g light old cheddar (2)

Dinner: bourbon chicken (5), broccoli (0), rice&beans (6), slice of banana/chocolate amish friendship bread (4?)

Total: 24

I took photos, but they’re still on my camera and I’m lazy!  I’m off to try to sleep without drugs!!  Happy weekend! I am off to my parents’ house in the AM to have a birthday dinner.

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