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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Hump Day

I’m tired tonight… and I have a headache.  I still didn’t have a home phone when I got home, but all of that changed by 8:30 when the dear Tony from Bell showed up and fixed the problem.  Imagine if someone would have done that for me Monday?

So, today was the last day at our old office!  I took a many photos to document the occasion…

Me entering!DSCN3617

DSCN3629 This is what I stare at all day

Today started with a quick jog (only 30min!) and then I enjoyed a walk at lunch.  I will miss this office for it’s walkable location.  The new office is in an industrial area – not so great for peaceful lunchtime walks. Some photos from my last walk…

1st streetDSCN3636 DSCN3638 2nd street

another streetDSCN3639 DSCN3646 my fave street

cute housesDSCN3645 DSCN3640

This last house didn’t exist in the summer. I watched it be built on my many walks!

What did I eat today?

Breakfast: egg (2), toast (1), 1/2c POM (1)

Snack: candy apple with light fruit fiesta Jell-O! YUM (1)

Lunch: 1c pasta (3), 1/2 chicken breast (1), spinach (0), garlic and pepper (0), 1/2c ff cottage cheese (2), apple with cinnamon (1), yogurt (1)

Snack: PB Larabar (4), carrots (0), 4 starburst (1)

Dinner: egg (2), egg whites (0), cheese (2), ketchup (0), chocolate chips (2)

Total: 24 (oops! day before weigh in I don’t usually eat THAT much. Oh well!).  Water: 3L


hard boiled eggDSCN3596 DSCN3600 green candy apples!It was sooo good!DSCN3630 DSCN3611 Pasta lunch = YUM

Festive eggsDSCN3650

Okay… so it’s not a great photo of my eggs/cheese… but I wanted to capture the Christmas tree lit up in the background. 

Tomorrow’s plan is a nice, longer jog in the morning… work from home in my PJ’s… a lunch time walk (likely on the treadmill – supposed to rain)… then Weight Watchers then SUBWAY!!

Wish me luck tomorrow!  Perhaps on my lunch break I will blog… if not, you will see my results tomorrow night!

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